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Quick Overview

  • BALL BEARING supported, precision movement

  • High precision, CNC machined aluminum bellcrank arm and tray

  • Anozided color finish

  • Innovative rudder tray architecture offering maximum structrual integrity and lightest assembly weight

  • Ideal for use with AirWild 2.5-in. MLP servo arm

  • Bellcrank design utilizing AirWild's patented MLP geometry



Introducing AirWild MLP Rudder Bellcrank Tray Assembly, a new architecture tightly knitted around three design guidelines; Light Weight, Precision Movement, Innovative Features. Well, folks, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at our latest creation for the giant-scale world. I think we've met our objectives, and done it in great style.


At the heart and soul of the tray assembly is an innovative aluminum bellcrank arm employing the patented AirWild MLP control geometry. MLP stands for Minimal Lateral Play and is a patented AirWild design that significantly increases control precision and at the same time reduces play in mechenical movement of pivotal control arm such as servo arm or bellcrank.


To further improve movement accuracy and maximize performance MLP bellcrank arm is mounted on a ball-bearing supported aluminum output shaft. The entire shaft base has lightened features in strategic places to eliminate any dead weight yet without sacrificing structrual integrity.

In addition to those obvious design features, we also thoughtfully address the not-so-obvious, but little nicety to have. As you may have noticed in the photo illustration we added a small notch in the servo mounting cutout. This little extra clearence allows the bulky strain relief of the servo pigtail to easily clear the cutout and make installing servo a snap.

Two servo cutout sizes available. STANDARD cutout is for all standard case size servos including JR 8611. For those Futaba users, don't worry 'cause we also have a special cutout for your favorite FUTABA S9152 high torque digital servo.

Unlike many rudder trays on the market that are heavy and bulky, AirWild MLP Rudder Bellcrank Tray Assembly utilizes design innovations to achieve light weight and strong structure. The end result is a finished assembly that is as much as 50% lighter.

Additional Information

Length 25
Width 8
Height 4

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